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If you are utilizing an outside travel planner, please refer
to their information for cancellation guidelines.
In the event it is necessary for a school to withdraw from
a Music in the Parks festival a full refund will be issued
if cancellation notice is received 30 days before the
scheduled festival date. Cancellation must be submitted
via our web site.
Any group that cancels less than 30 days before the
festival, but more than 15 days before will be charged
a $100 cancellation penalty. All other payments will be
returned to you.
Any group that cancels less than 15 days before the
event will forfeit all payments made to Music in the Parks.
If web cancellation is not received according to these
deadlines, all applicable cancellation penalties will apply.
If no payments have been received by the 30-Day
final payment deadline, your group will be dropped from
the festival.
This policy remains in effect regardless
of sudden School Board policy changes or world events.
Such circumstances do not negate this policy.
Change of Festival Date and/or Location
All festival location and date changes must be submitted
through our website. Simply log in to your account, select
the reservation you would like to change, and then follow
the steps on your screen.
Number Changes / Final Count Guarantee
All festival participants must guarantee their minimum
ticket count by 10 days before the event. The Invoice
Contact will receive an email approximately 15 days
before your event reminding you to login and make your
changes. *If you are using a travel planner they will be
contacted to verify your ticket counts.
At the 10 day deadline we need a breakdown of how
many students and adults are participating in your trip.
We also need to know how many students will be utilizing
a Season pass, rather than purchasing a ticket through
Music in the Parks.
It is your responsibility to guarantee your final counts –
even if you do not receive the email reminder.
After the 10 day deadline, your tickets totals cannot be
lowered for any reason. You will be able to add on tickets
if needed at the festival registration table. Payment in full
must accompany any extra ticket requests.
Refunds for any overpayments will be issued within
30 days following your festival date. Refunds are issued
to the organization, rather than an individual. If your
payment was issued on a Credit Card, your refund will be
issued to that card. The only exception is if your refund
is greater than the amount paid on the card. In this case,
a check will be issued. If you have any questions or a
special refund request, please email
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